Step by Step T-Shirt Measurement Techniques with Size Chart

What is T-shirt?
The T- shirt is a staple in wardrobes around the world, being cheap to produce, easy to fit, and relatively durable. For that reason t-shirt is the most popular garments item for both men and women. From the apparel professionals to customers, everybody wants to get a perfect size of t-shirt. For getting an actual measurement and a perfect looks of a basic T-shirt, must know the right measurement procedure. Before taking a size measurement, you should know about the different parts of a basic T-shirt otherwise you will not take the actual measurement of t-shirt because that is the main part for a measurement procedure. But measurement procedures are changed according to different types of T-shirt styles.

T- shirt is a paradoxical presence in fashion as both the most innocuous item of clothing as well as one afforded highly personal and political potential. The T- shirt has the versatility of a blank canvas and thereby represents not only “mass informality” but also highly personal “identity badges” through which culture, belief, and taste may be conveyed, as well as corporate advertisements, ironic slogans, souvenirs, and, in this case, subcultural markers of belonging. T- shirts are in this sense both individual and social, reflecting the general tension in fashion between individualization and equalization. More than two billion T- shirts are purchased annually for a range of purposes from high- fashion and fandom to function alone (Wallander 2012).

In this article I will discuss different parts of a t-shirt, size chart and measuring guidelines of t-shirt.

Different Basic Parts of a T-shirt:
Here I will give different components of a basic T-shirt. All these parts are mention in below with picture.

T-shirt measuring parts
Figure 1: Different main parts of a T-shirt

Size Charts of T-shirt:

T-shirt size chart
Figure 2: T-shirt size charts

Measuring Process of  T-shirt:
Before taking a size measurement of a basic t-shirt you should follow some techniques. They are below:

  • Avoid the stretch of t-shirt
  • Must be remove the t-shirt wrinkles
  • Fabric covered surfaces is not use.
  • T-shirt surfaces must be flat on table.

Now enjoy step by step basic T-shirt measuring procedure. Hope it will be helpful for you.

T-shirt with parts name
Figure 3: Sketch of t-shirt with parts name

Step by Step Measurement Guide of T-shirt:

1. Body length:
Take measurement of body length from collar seam to the bottom of hem.

2. Body width measured on half:
Measured ½ cheats, 1” below armhole from side seam to side seam.

3. Body sweep measured on half:
Take measured at the bottom from side seam to side seam.

4. Shoulder width:
Shoulder width measured from the shoulder point to shoulder point.

5. Neck width:
Neck width measured from the neck point to neck point.

6. Neck opening:
Neck opening is measured from all around the neck.

7. Sleeve length:
Place your measurement tape straight from top shoulder seam to the sleeve end.

8. Sleeve width:
Sleeve width measured 1” below armhole seam and measured straight across sleeve.

9. Sleeve opening:
Sleeve opening is measured along the open ends with rib relaxed.

10. Armhole:
Take armhole measurement on half along curve of sleeve seam.

11. Pocket:
Place your measurement tape from high point shoulder to right of center on t-shirt.

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