Classification of Defects Zone in Apparel During Visual Inspection

In the clothing industry defects is the common problem for making garments. To get defects free garments every section in the apparel industry arranged visual and mechanical inspection. Mainly visual inspection is the most usable and popular process for the garments inspection process. To complete this visual inspection garments inspector should know about the defects zone in garments. It is the easiest way to inspect garments quality.

What is Defects Zone in Apparel Industry?
Generally defects zone in apparel are classified into three categories in the eye of buyer’s inspection. These are Critical, Major, and Minor defects. In some cases, a major defect can be considered as minor defect based on the location of the defect in a garment. This location is called as zone. Garments zoning is done for get a right evaluation of the garment during visual inspection in the apparel industry. Location of garments defects zone is not only helpful for the garments factory inspection, but it also helpful for a consumer who will try to purchase any types of ready-made garments on the basis of visual inspection.

Defect Zone Classification of Garments During Visual Inspection:
In order to conduct inspection, garments are divided into a number of zones. A garment is divided into 3 zones. They are:

  1. Zone-I : Most Noticeable
  2. Zone- II : Average Noticeable
  3. Zone- III : Least Noticeable

3 defects zone of garments are also known as like Zone- A, Zone-B and Zone-C. At the front sleeves and upper front is considered as zone ‘A’ and lower front considered as zone ‘B’. On the back of the garment, under arms and back bottom is considered as zone ‘C’.

Evidently, Zone-I is the most important part of a garments, Zone-II is the next most important area and zone-III is the least important zone.

For instance, a seam puckering or shading in Zone –I makes a garment totally reject while the same defect in Zone-II impairs functional quality to a lesser extent and in Zone-III to the least extent. In the 3rd case, the garment is nearly perfect and sale-able.

Zone Location in Different Garments:
For the help of visual inspection of garments inspector, buyer, and consumer, defects zone in apparel classification and their location is shown in the following figure:


Location of defects zone for Mens shirt front and back views
Figure 1: Location of defects zone for Men’s shirt front and back views


Zone location of Pant, front and back view
Figure 2: Defect zone location of Pant, front and back view


Location of zone for a hooded jacket
Figure 3: Location of defect zone for a hooded jacket

Men’s Vest:

Location of defects zone in vest
Figure 4: Location of defects zone in vest

Men’s Half Pant:

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