Step by Step Polo Shirt Measurement Guide with Size Chart

What is Polo Shirt?
Polo shirt is one of the most usable clothing items for both men and women. Polo shirts typically have a collar and placket with two or three buttons beneath the collar whereas most t shirts don’t have collars. From the apparel professionals to customers perfect size of polo shirt is the first priority. To get an actual size of polo shirt, must know the size measurement process. Before purchasing a polo shirt you should measure yourself first. If you have to love online shopping, then you should must know the step by step polo shirt measurement guide to get actual size. But measurement procedures are changed according to style of men and women polo shirt.

From this article you will find out the following topic like, how to measure polo shirt? Measurement techniques of polo shirt, size measurement chart of polo shirt, essential tools for taking measurement, standard size spec of polo shirt, some tricks before taking a measurement etc.

Different Components of a Polo Shirt:

Different components of a polo shirt
Figure 1: Different parts of a polo shirt

Before taking a size measurement, should know the different parts of a polo shirt otherwise you will not get the actual measurement because that is the main key guide for size measurement procedure. Here I have mentioned above the different components of a polo shirt.

Standard Size Measurement Chart of Polo Shirt:

Size chart of polo shirt
Figure 2: Size chart of polo shirt

Required Tools for Taking Measurement:
To complete this measurement task successfully some common measurement tools must be needed. These are:

  • Size chart sheet
  • Measurement tape
  • Flat surface or table (If you take measurement from another polo shirt)
  • Well fit polo shirt, pair of trousers or jeans
  • Full-Length Mirror
  • Helpful assistant

Methods of Size Measuring of Polo Shirt:
To choose the perfect size for you, at first select the comfortable and well fitted polo shirt for taking measurement. You can also take the measurement from your body with the help of size chart. Before starting the size measuring of polo shirt you should follow some tips before measuring the polo shirt.

  1. Avoid the stretch of shirt
  2. Fabric covered surfaces is not use.
  3. Measurements should be take to nearest inch or centimeter
  4. Must be remove the shirt wrinkles
  5. Shirt surfaces must be flat on table.
  6. Stay the measuring tape comfortably not tight.

Polo Shirt Measurement Guideline:
Here I will discuss how to measure polo shirts quick and easy. Step by step polo shirt measuring guide are in below:

1. Body length:
Measured from top shoulder seam to the bottom of hem.

2. ½ chest:
Take measurement tape over the chest from side seam to side seam, 1” below armhole when it is placed on flat surface.

3. ½ waist:
Measured ½ waist from side to side.

4. Body sweep measured on half:
Take the measurement at the bottom from side seam to side seam.

5. Shoulder width:
Shoulder is measured from right shoulder point to left shoulder point.

6. Sleeve length:
Take measured in straight from down shoulder point to sleeve opening.

7. Sleeve width:
Sleeve with is measured 1” below armhole seam and measured straight across sleeve.

8. Sleeve opening:
Sleeve opening is measured at opening with rib relaxed.

9. Armhole:
Take measurement on half along curve of sleeve seam.

10. Neck Opening:
Measured around the neck below the Adam’s apple.

11. Collar Width:
It is measured from the collar seam joint to the outer edge of the collar.

12. Pocket:
Pocket is measured from top shoulder point to right to center.

13. Placket:

  • A-length measured from neck edge at top to bottom of set in placket.
  • A-length measured from neck edge at top to top of placket box.

14. Sleeve Hem:
To get finished hem polo shirt, sleeve hem is turned inside out and stitch line should straight.

15. Bottom Hem:
To provide weight at the lower edge and shirt hangs well, bottom hem must be finished well.

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