Different Nail Art Designs for Unique Fashion Statement

Different Nail Art Designs for Unique Fashion Statement

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An amazing form of design and artwork which is particularly done on fingernails is known as nail art. So, it is found to be very creative way to design your nails with the aid of many different and vibrant colours, embellishments, various shapes, and other decorative stuffs. Nail art is basically being done by professional manicurists particularly in salons, but the one who wants to try DIY (Do It Yourself) nail art can also do this activity at home with the help of some of the very few basic tools and nail polish sets. So, developing unique nail art designs is a very popular way to create a fashion statement. One can easily develop geometric shapes, even without more experience in nail art. Also, one can simply use various different designs and colors to make fashion statement truly unique.

Different Types of Nail Art Designs:
Following is the list of various types of nail art designs which are very unique and trendy:

1. Silver Ombre Nail Art:
One of the biggest trends to look out this season is high-shine molten metals. This design is particularly found to be very versatile in nature and gives the chance to experiment with hues. One can prominently think of silvers, gold, and chromes. It is found to be one of the amazing nail art for festival season.

Silver Ombre Nail Art

2. French Mani with Stars:
This nail art design has became so much trendy and popular again, and early women’s can rest very simply because the craze hasn’t fade down one bit. Try to select for a sparkly take specifically on the classic French mani, which also put on a golden star which is created along the side of the nails.

French Mani With Stars

3. Rainbow French Manicure:
It is found to be more fun yet gives an elegant vibe, so try out the rainbow French nail art trend by simply managing with different vibrant colours, try out with other than white. This type of nail art appears very great particularly on short nails too so it is particularly a perfect nail art trend to DIY.

Rainbow French Manicure

4. Blue Aura & Metallic Nail Design:
When it comes to this stunning shade, it is prominently motivated by the ocean, bringing up a cool as well as very refreshing vibe which is perfect for summer. Also adding of metallic chrome put a touch of glam and edge to this mail art, by making this nail look truly look very unique. Whether you’re going to the beach or just want to add a pop of colour to your everyday lifestyle, this design is surely perfect to try for.

Blue Aura & Metallic Nail Design

5. Plain Silver Chrome Nails:
This is also a cheeky, fresh and simple shade which is totally great for anyone who is looking to put a touch of fashion to their everyday lifestyle. When it comes to the plain silver chrome finish, it is prominently sleek and modern, which make it the perfect option for those who want to create a fashion statement without going over the top.

Plain Silver Chrome Nails

6. Logo Nail Art:
This fashion season, this kind of nail art is found everywhere and that’s just because it looks so damn elegant and super. One can easily tends to select any luxury brand logo or even you can get your own logo design painted on one of your nails whereas opt a French manicure, on all your nails.

Logo Nail Art

7. Golden Chrome French:
This nail art generally highlights a modern charm on the classic French tip design with the aid of a golden chrome finish. The put on of star-shaped rhinestones, simply enhance a touch of sparkle and glamour, which makes this style of nail art perfect choice for festival and special occasions or those who want to add some interest to their everyday look.

Gold Chrome French

8. Spring French Tips:
The specialty of this nail art is that, it is very fresh and playful with a elegance of spring flowers, which make it perfect for the spring & summer season. The blue French tips generally offers a classic and elegant base, whereas the add of spring flowers put a pop of colour and whimsy.

Spring French Tips

9. Modern Aura Nails:
This nail art is found to be very colorful and is for those who are not afraid to stand apart from the crowd and make a amazing fashion statement. The one who want to come out from the box then this design is for you. With the help of the bold and vibrant shades of modern aura, it helps you surely to turn heads and stand out in any event.

Modern Aura Nails

10. Summer Yellow Mix:
This nail art design is great choice particularly for the spring and summer seasons, and it make sure to put you in the mood and vibe for warm sunshine and long days. The beautiful amalgamation of French tips, ombre, and light butterfly nail art develops an exciting and feminine look which will fill your day with summer vibe.

Summer Yellow Mix

11. Nature’s Bounty:
When it comes to the fall and winter season, it is perfect to pull inspiration from nature. “Nature’s Bounty” is all about inculcating natural components into your nail art. Either you select delicate leaf motifs, small pine cones, or detailed snowflakes, these designs tens to enhance the beauty of the transforming seasons.

Nature’s Bounty nail design

12. Minimalistic Elegance:
As we know that, sometimes, less is more. “Minimalistic Elegance” is a kind of unique trend which focuses on simplicity and elegance. With this design, you can select for a shiny appearance and try to analyze the look with most of your nails painted with a neutral shade while keeping out one or two accent nails for a flick of brilliance.

Minimalistic Elegance

13. Dark and Mood:
When it comes to a dark nail colors, they are always in vogue for fall and winter. When it comes to a “Dark and Moody” nails are particularly featured by by deep, rich hues like plum, forest green, or midnight blue. These shades explore a sense of secret and drama, which make them a good choice for those who want to create a bold and unique fashion statement.

Dark and Mood nails

So, currently it is observed that nail art is very trendy and unique around the ladies. Starting from the warm and earthy shades of “Autumn Ombre Magic” to the beautiful mixture of “Metallic Magic” and many more such these, there’s a nail art trend available to suit every style and occasion for every ladies. So, don’t wait to try out with these trending nail trends with special Luxury salon and spa in your location to showcase your creativity. Your nails are kind of your canvas, and with the above mentioned nail art designs, one can make a great fashion statement.


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Q1. Which is the hottest nail trend popular right now?
Ans: As per the latest trend, “naked french tips,” is found to be hottest nail trend. This design is a proper merge of a diffused french manicure and your natural nails.

Q2. Are fake nails trending over the fashion world?
Ans: Yes, it is seen that there is higher growth in artificial nails from the last 4 years.

Q3. What are the advantages doing the nail art?
Ans: It helps to hide up any imperfections or irregularities on your nails. Nail art is found as a superb way to express you to world.

Q4. What’s the prettiest nail color trendy right now?
Ans: Some of the popular, trendy and timeless options of colours are classic red, soft pink, and elegant nude shades. When it comes to bright and bold colors such as neon green or electric blue, it can also create a good fashion statement.

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