Origin of Fashion Design from Ancient to Modern Time

Origin of Fashion Design:
Origin of fashion mainly helps the people to know the development of the fashion industry. Fashion  previous percolated from the upper class. The lower classes tend to imitate their social superiors. The material and variety of fashion are adopted by each class to suit their own requirements.

Previously, fashion spread vertically down the social hierarchy. Royalty created fashions which were then copied by the lower class. These days peoples from all classes wear fashionable styles roughly at the same time. What was once the province of minority has become a general acceptance, ordinary people throughout the world are acquainted with the latest fashion in clothing.

Each individual people may have the power of thinking and also have the different paths of lifestyle. Without this natural tendency for copy, every people of the society would hold a different opinion to select and carry out their own fashion and style. This is the origin of changes, in customs or fashions, in every shape.

Fashion in ancient greek
Figure: Fashion in ancient Greek

We also know the changes of designs, fashion, fashion trends, clothing and fashion accessories. The modern fashion industry is based around the firms and fashion houses that run by individual fashion designers.

Evolution of Fashion Design:
The origin of fashion design can be memorized us to the ancient times, when humans are start to use clothing not only for protection and warmth but also as a form of individual expression and cultural identity. The history of fashion design is involved with the evolution of cultures, societies, and economic structures. There are some points I will mention in the evolution and origin of fashion design:

Early Clothing:

  • The earliest clothing was likely made from plant stems, leaves, roots, embryos, animal skins, and other natural resources.
  • Clothing mainly needed for the general purposes like protection from the any harmful elements, but it also had symbolic and cultural identification.

Ancient Civilizations:

  • In the ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and Rome, clothing became more detailed and start to reflect social status and occupation.
  • Draping techniques and tailoring were developed to create garments that were not only functional but also aesthetically lovely.

Middle Ages:

  • In this ages clothing became an essential part of social class, status and wealth.
  • New textiles and fashion ideas are spread across different regions by the help of fashion treads.


  • In this period peoples are more interested about the arts and fashion design. Clothing became more complex and there was an increased priority on individual style.
  • They use advanced tailoring techniques for their self-expression fashion.

Baroque and Rococo Periods:

  • The Baroque and Rococo periods were making distinctive by luxurious and unbridled fashion. Luxurious fabrics, embroidery, and fashion accessories were popular among the nobility.

19th Century and Industrial Revolution:

  • The textile and clothing industries are rapidly changed by this industrial Revolution. By this reason mass production of textiles and garments became possible. So, ready-made clothing’s are available all over the century.
  • Fashion magazines and fashion plates are come out and then fashion trends and styles are rapidly spread to the customer.

20th Century:

  • During the 20th century, major changes are shown in the fashion design, influenced by technological advancements, cultural movements, and the revolution of the fashion industry.
  • Fashion designers like Christian Dior, Coco Chanel and others designers played important roles to set up latest fashion and establishing the concept of haute couture fashion.

Contemporary Fashion:

  • Now -a-days, fashion designing is a global industry with a manifold range of fashion designers, styles, trends and influences. Fashion is not only about clothing but also includes fashion accessories, footwear, hairstyle, and even lifestyle choices.
  • Fashion shows, fashion forecasting, fashion magazines, social media, and e-commerce have become essential to the fashion ecosystem. All these systems are helps to spread rapidly of fashion trends.

Let us go deeper in short what we mean by origin of fashion design or fashion history:

  1. Early Twentieth Century:
    Throughout the early 20th Century, effectively all high fashion originated in Paris, and to a smaller limit in London.
  2. Mid-Twentieth Century:
    The Second World War created many fundamental changes in the fashion industry. After the World War Paris’s reputation as the global center of fashion began to cut up, off-the-peg, ready to wear and mass manufactured fashions based items are became increasingly popular.
  3. Late Twentieth Century:
    During the Late Twentieth Century fashions began to criss-cross international boundaries with rapidity. Western styles were accepted all over the world, fashion designers are widely used the Synthetic materials for their design such as Lycra/spandex, and viscose.

At first fashion is filtrate from the upper class. Then the lower classes tend to copy their social superiors, fashion and their styles also. The variety of fashion, lifestyle and accessories are adopted by each class to suit their own requirements.

Fashion is the art that devoted to the design of clothing; changes our lifestyle, and different fashion accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.

From the early time, fashion spread vertically down. Upper class people or royalty created fashions which were then adopted by the lower class. At the same time people from all classes wear fashionable styles and clothing roughly. When ordinary people throughout the world are accepted rapidly that’s called the latest fashion in clothing.

The world fashion industry really founded with the formation of haute couture fashion houses and the emergence of prêt-a-porter, or ready-to-wear clothing and mass manufacturing. Fashion has its roots in cultural, traditional, religious and customs relating to dress and appearance. Everyone knows that the first clothes made of furs and animals skins were for the purposes of protection from the elements rather than to improve the appearance. It was only many centuries after that when people began to dress according to their customs and their traditions.

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