Operation Breakdown and SAM of Men’s Full Sleeve Formal Shirt

Before going to operation breakdown and SAM of a men’s formal full sleeve shirt we should know about operation breakdown and SAM. Operation Breakdown means writing down all the parts and all the processes or operations in sequence wise with SMV or SAM to complete the garment and type of machines to each and every process. Style-wise operation breakdown is done by an industrial engineer in an excel chart. The operation breakdown report helps to set the line layout of every style.

Operation Breakdown of Men’s Full Sleeve Shirt

SAM means Standard Allowed Minutes. It is an important factor in the garment manufacturing industry. SAM is used to measure a task or work content of a garment. In the garment factory, Industrial Engineering department measure and calculate SAM for sewing operation using standard calculation method. For the estimation of the cost of making a garment, the SAM value plays a very important role.

Operation Breakdown and SAM of Men’s Full Sleeve Formal Shirt:

SL No. Operations SAM Machine Type
1 Collar pieces joint 2 0.60 SNLS
2 Collar run stitch 0.42 SNLS
3 Collar trim and turn 0.25 SNEC
4 Collar top stitch 0.47 SNLS
5 Band hem 0.34 SNLS
6 Band set 0.65 SNLS
7 Collar label attachment 024 SNLS
8 Band top 0.45 SNLS
9 Band and collar ready trim 0.41 SNEC
Cuff preparation
10 Cuff pieces joint 2 0.80 SNLS
11 Cuff hem 0.53 SNLS
12 Cuff run stitch 0.73 SNLS
13 Cuff trim and tum 0.57 SNEC
14 Cuff top and sleeve pleat making 0.66 SNLS
Sleeve preparation
15 Sleeve panel attach 030 OL5
16 Sleeve panel top 0.65 SNLS
17 Under placket attach and tacking 0.65 SNLS
18 Big placket attachment 1.18 SNLS
19 Button hole placket trim and attachment 0.56 KANSA’
20 Button placket sew and wash care label 0.38 SNLS
21 Button placket piping attach 0.40 SNLS
22 Label attachment 0.35 SNLS
23 Yoke attach and top 0.43 SNLS
24 Dart mark and sew 0.56 SNLS
25 Front and back trim and pair 030 MANUAL
26 Shoulder attachment and top 0.46 SNLS
27 Collar attach 0.54 SNLS
28 Collar finishing with content label 0.85 SNLS
29 Sleeve no set and attach 0.85 OL5
30 Top stitch at armhole 0.71 SNLS
31 Side seam attach and sleeve trim 0.70 OL5
32 Cuff no set and attaching 028 SNLS
33 Bottom hem 0.67 SNLS
B\S and B\H
34 Buttonhole front-7, cuff-2, sleeve placket 2 1.08 BH
35 Button mark 0.27 MANUAL
36 Button front -7, spare-1, cuff 2, sleeve placket 2 1.17 BTN
37 Button melting 0.23 IRON
Total 22.10


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