Different Types of Jeans for Men and Women

What is Jeans?
Jeans are a popular type of pants made from denim fabric and are known for their durability and versatility. No other clothing is as widely popularized as like a pair of jeans. In modern days wardrobe is incomplete without pair of jeans. In fact, the average American owns at least seven pairs of jeans. A good pair of jeans is meant to make you look good and feel comfortable. Jeans is one of the most comfort wear which is worn in any time of the day.

jeans for mens and womens
Figure 1: Various types of jeans for men and women

There are various types of jeans in the market but all types jeans will not perfect for you. Choosing the right type of jeans can be quite a challenging task. Before choosing your jeans you should know about how many types jeans are in market. It will help you to select your body required jeans. In this guide, we are going to look at the different jeans types are available in market.

Different Types of Jeans for Men and Women:

Skinny jeans:
Skinny jeans are the most popular jeans type right now. It is made from stretch denim and fit tightly from the waist to the ankle. But these types of jeans are not the best look for everyone. According to Businessinsider.com skinny jeans are top-selling, top-ranking, most stocked style jeans. These jeans rise is low, skinny in the seat and through the leg. Skinny jeans for men are slim through the hip and thigh. A lower waist and stretch denim provide style and comfort. Skinny jeans for women are completely curve-conscious without clinging as closely as a legging. It is perfect for women’s casual wear and transition so easily into evening.

skinny jeans
Figure 2: Skinny jeans

Straight leg jeans:
Straight leg jeans are just that, straight all the way down to the ground. These jeans rise is high, straight through the leg and leg opening. These jeans are classical style which has a timeless appeal. It is good looking with fitted tops. But it is worn by all body types without skinny. Straight cut jeans is not going to hug any areas on your body or visually sculpt your appearance.

Straight leg jeans
Figure 3: Straight leg jeans

Slim fit jeans:
Slim fit jeans hug butt and the thighs tightly. This cut of jean is tapered in a similar style to skinny jeans but not to the form-fitting extreme. It is good looking who has slightly bigger legs.

Slim jeans
Figure 4: Slim fit jeans

Loose fit jeans:
Loose fit jeans are designed with a wide cut straight through the leg, offering a comfortable and relaxed fit. If you are looking for a pair of jeans which can ensure free movement then you can choose loose fit jeans.

Loose fit jeans
Figure 5: Loose fit jeans

Colored jeans:
Colored jeans offer a vibrant and fashion-forward alternative to traditional blue denim. They come in a wide range of hues beyond the classic blue, including shades like red, green, yellow, and more. They add a pop of color to outfits, allowing for creative and playful styling options. Colored jeans have gained popularity for their ability to infuse a fresh and fun element into casual and even semi-formal looks. They offer versatility and can be paired with neutral or complementary colors to create unique and trendy looks.

colored jeans
Fig: Colored jeans

Boyfriend jeans:
These jeans give you a tight fit around your hips and is slightly loose and relaxed at the legs. It looks good on thicker thighs and legs. Boyfriend jeans tend to look best with tops that are tucked in but not too tidy.

Boyfriend jeans
Figure 6: Boyfriend jeans

Bootcut jeans:
Boot cut jeans are narrower at the thighs and wider below the knees. These jeans look good for all type of body shapes but especially with wide hip. It is slightly similar to straight cut jeans.

Boot cut jeans
Figure 7: Bootcut jeans

Flare jeans:
Flare jeans fit tight through the thigh and then flare below the knee. These jeans look good on broad shouldered and narrow hipped women.

flare jeans
Figure 8: Flare jeans

Cropped jeans:
Cropped jeans covers three-fourth of your legs and can make your legs look longer and leaner. It looks stunning with a pair of high heels. Cropped jeans selection is known for its comfort and style.

Cropped jeans
Figure 9: Cropped jeans

Stretched jeans:
Stretch jeans are slim fitting without being too restricting and give you a long and lean look. These jeans stretched easily over the thighs and the bottom. Stretched out jeans hide all the body flaws and give the wearer a flatter stomach, toned thighs and a tight butt.

Stretched jeans
Figure 10: Stretched jeans

Mom jeans:
Mom jeans are high-waisted with a loose and relaxed fit around the hips and thighs, tapering down to the ankle. They typically have a straight leg and sit above the natural waistline. They offer a comfortable and casual style that has gained popularity for their vintage-inspired look and ability to flatter various body types.

mom jeans
Fig: Mom jeans

Maternity jeans:
Maternity jeans are designed for pregnant women. These jeans give perfect fit throughout the pregnancy period. They are of different sizes and shapes. An elastic waistband is used to give more flexible feel.

Maternity jeans
Figure 11: Maternity jeans

Trouser jeans:
Trouser jeans are cut in a style similar to dress pants. They have relatively high waists, side-slash pockets and professional detailing. The fit is tight at the hips with wider legs and ankles. Heels are always a good idea with trouser jeans; they elongate the leg and make you appear taller and slimmer. It is good with fitted blazer or form-fitting blouse.

Trouser jeans
Figure 12: Trouser jeans

Tapered jeans:
Tapered jeans become skinnier as they approach the ankle, rather than wider like bootcut jeans. These jeans are form fitting, and are similar to skinny jeans but are usually a bit wider at the top. Its medium rise, slim through the leg with a tapered leg opening. It is good looking who has bigger leg.

Tapered jeans
Figure 13: Tapered jeans

Distressed jeans:
Distressed jeans are popular for their intentionally worn and rugged appearance. It is often worn to make a bold fashion statement. They feature purposeful rips, tears, and abrasions, giving them a distressed or “broken-in” look. These distressed elements can be found on various parts of the jeans, such as the knees, thighs, or pockets. Distressed jeans offer a casual, edgy, and vintage-inspired look and have become a staple in modern fashion.

distressed jeans
Fig: Distressed jeans

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