CAD Software in Garment Industry: Working Procedure, Uses and Advantages

CAD Software in Apparel Industry:
CAD is the contraction which stands for Computer Aided Design. CAD software has brought a revolution in the fashion and apparel industry. CAD software is frequently used for design and drafting, generating reports, three dimensional modelling, finite element analysis and as an input source for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). The time consuming and cumbersome process of textile and fashion designing has been made easier by CAD. Now thoughtful and innovative designs are available to the textile designers and textile manufacturers at the click of a mouse. Here, mainly pattern and marker is created by computer which ensures accuracy of the pattern and marker which ensure defect less cutting and defect less garments.

CAD Software in Apparel Industry
Figure 1: CAD Software in Apparel Industry

The process of CAD includes three phases: designing the geometric model, analysis of generated model against various physical quantities, optimization and visualization of computer graphics based on results and analysis. The CAD system usually comes with either integrated module or stand-alone products.

CAD Software Used in the Apparel Factory:

  1. Winda Pattern Design System and Garment Grading System
  2. Winda Garment Marker System
  3. Winda Garment File Format Converter
  4. Modaris for Pattern design system
  5. Optitex for Virtual Prototyping; 2D CAD / CAM patterning and fashion designing

Machine Used in Pattern and CAD Section:

  1. Winda pattern cutter
  2. Winda plotter
Winda Pattern Cutter
Figure 2: Winda Pattern Cutter

Working Procedure of CAD Section:

  1. In CAD section at first the pattern put on the digitizer to take clear image of the pattern part inside the CPU.
  2. After making all required size patterns using the software pattern parts are aligned in the mini marker. Then it is sent to CPU of CPM section for approval and checking the length and width of marker and pattern parts alignment.
  3. After getting approval from CAD section then printer is used to print out the whole real marker then this marker as well as mini marker are provided to the CAD section for cutting the fabric.

Advantages of CAD Software in Apparel Industry:

  1. This easy to operate designing system-CAD has many advantages.
  2. The expense and time is reduced in a considerable manner when compared to the laborious manual work of designing.
  3. Designing can be done from anywhere as the customers are able to control the process from remote locations as well.
  4. The data can be easily stored, transmitted, and transported through computer files.
  5. The designs can be easily customized and personalized as corrections and editing can be done at any time without significant delays or cost increases.
  6. The designers don’t need to produce swatches all the time as they can now see how a particular fabric or garment looks in different colors and shapes on computer screen itself.

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