Effects of Fashion on Teenager’s Mental Health

Following fashion not only enhances the physical beauty of the person but also works for the peace of mind of the person. Which helps to improve mental health. Fashion has a profound effect on the mental health of today’s young generation. The fashion that teenagers are wearing nowadays enhances their outward beauty and promotes mental health. So fashion is intimately involved with teenager’s mental health.

What is Mental Health?
When it comes to mental health, the first three things that come to mind are human thoughts, emotions and behaviors. When mental health is not good, it can have a serious effect on physical health. Both the physical and the mental health are closely intertwined. Trying to stay mentally healthy can be difficult and doesn’t always work, especially during high stress or grief. The effects of fashion on mental health are quite noticeable, especially among teenagers.

The Effects of Fashion on the Mental Health of Teenager’s:
Clothing not only covers the person but also reflects the basic personality traits of the person. In addition to highlighting the social or cultural aspects of teenagers’, their emotional aspects are also revealed through clothing. Such as sadness, pain, joy, happiness, everything can be easily understood by looking at the clothes of a teenager. Fashion themes, trends also affect current teenagers emotionally. Below are some effects of fashion of teenager’s mental health development:

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Improving mental health through performance enhancement:
Beautiful, body-matched clothing helps teenagers increase performance. For example, if their dress properly before doing any work, then it is easy to concentrate on the work and it can be done smoothly. The result is a peace of mind. Which also brings benefits for mental health. On the other hand, it is difficult to work wearing clothes that do not fit or feel comfortable. Usually wearing fashionable clothes increases concentration at work. Any work can be done quickly if efficiency is increased. And when any work is completed quickly, the mental instability is removed.

Improves mental health by increasing self-confidence:
Teenagers’ self-confidence can be boosted if their clothing is fashionable and appropriate. They can present any work in a beautiful way.  The power of their minds increases. Self-confidence encourages teenagers’ to set high aspirations. As a result, many people are impressed by their work. Nowadays teenagers are quite interested in fashion. They can easily present the new fashion as their own. They are always aware of what kind of clothes they wear and what kind of jewelry they wear. All of this boosts their self-confidence so that they are able to adapt to any situation. And when a person can re-arrange himself in a hostile environment, he gets peace of mind. He has a good mind so he is motivated to do anything.

Excellent dress is not only the mental calm of mind, it develops creative talent in the teenager. A beautiful fitness of clothing causes good reflection of mental health. They easily awake the latent talent in their mind. Then they easily create new innovations by utilizing his creative thinking. In this case, the monotonous attitude of teenagers is removed and they become interested in adopting new fashions. As they become more creative, they embrace new fashions with confidence. As a result, their clothes became fashionable. This greatly improves the mental health of teenagers’, so that they can show their skills in any situation. In order to improve teenager’s mental health, fashion has to be connected with itself keeping pace with the times. This does not mean that expensive clothes or clothes that do not fit the body should be considered as a part of daily life. Clothing that enhances a person’s physical beauty as well as brings peace of mind should be welcomed or worn.

Elegant fashion instills self-confidence in teenagers as well as inspires them in any endeavor. Which improves their mental health. Many times due to lack of encouragement many people get back from work or want to move away. But today’s fashion gives teenagers the courage to do whatever it takes to get creative. Inspiration is a big thing in any work, and it depends a lot on peace of mind.

Every subject has its ups and downs. In this case also some bad effects can be noticed. For example, many teenagers follow a variety of fashions to keep pace with the times, which does not suit their body. Many times they waste money trying to imitate fashion. Again, wearing high heel shoes as a fashion has torn the ligaments of feet.

Teenagers will be able to go a long way if they accept its positive effects by eliminating a very limited amount of bad aspects. The new fashion introduces teenagers in a new way that awakens the mental energy in them. They can easily see the face of success in many difficult tasks. Therefore, it can be said that the influence of fashion is essential for the protection and development of mental health of teenagers.

Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
Email: [email protected]

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