Importance of Draping in Fashion Designing

At present, the work of innovation in design has increased keeping in mind the needs of the buyers. In that case seamless garments or classic draping still set an impeccable example in fashion designing. Today’s young women are much more fashion-conscious than before. Before buying clothes, they look at the novelty, quality, color, specialty, pattern of the design. Five thousand years later, the custom of wearing draped or twisted clothes is still glorious today. In this article I will discuss about draping and its importance in fashion designing.

What is Draping?
Sewless clothes have been around for a long time. Clothes were worn draped or twisted. This is called ‘draping’ in the language of modern fashion and style. If people keep an eye on the sculptures of the Roman kings and princes, they can see all the wonderful draping. It is currently inspiring designers in various ways in fashion designing. Although lost from the rest of the world, it also remains in the Indian subcontinent. And the perfect example of this is sari and dhoti. In addition, the draping trend in the mix of structured and tailored is now more prevalent in tops, capes, gowns, single shirts, kurtas or women’s shirts.

draping by fashion designer
Figure: Draping by fashion designer

Importance of Draping in Fashion Designing:

The trend of expressing one’s opinion has now turned into fashion designing. That is why the ancients are being trained according to the rules of contemporary fashion forecast. Draping is no exception. The colorless canvas of the garment is also now making all the unique style statements of print-cut-pattern and draping.

With sari, one can style it as she likes. Nowadays, for the welfare of stylists, sari draped in various ways has become fashion designing. The style of wearing sari in different style is attracting everyone’s attention. At present there are many changes in the style of wearing traditional sari. Sari is being worn in various styles by draping. Many people feel uncomfortable walking or walking after wearing sari. If they want, they can now wear sari in a different style in a comfortable way. Instead of the traditional sari style, now the trend is pants style sari, sometimes sari is not draped in front but is turned like a dhoti and draped around the waist that’s called dhoti style sari, again scarf style sari, and jacket style sari etc. These are designed through draping. This draping style will look extraordinarily beautiful in a colorful silk saree.

The novelty of draping can be seen in all the aristocratic sari, expensive clothes, all of which can also be seen in the veil. And fashion always gives priority to the new design. So draping in dupatta also plays an important role in fashion designing. Whatever else is in fashion, there is no place for monotony. So this time the pair of veils with floor length dress which is playing a role in fashion. It will also have an Indo-Western feel. The fancy draping style on the organza floor length dress has caught the eye with the fine workmanship of the veil. In this way one can team up the veil with their simple backless dress. If there is a drape on the front, it will look more gorgeous.

Most of the draping style clothes are dark colored. It radically changes the look of the dress. Sometimes on the lower part of the garment, sometimes on the sleeves, draping has been used in various ways. It makes the person look more attractive. In addition, any new design is seen draped over the doll before sewing.

Scarves have always been popular among young women as an accessory for casual wear. Scarves are now the most popular fashion for young women. However, the style of wearing a scarf is now quite innovative. Stylish feeling comes to the scarf through various draping. Now the fashion trend has changed. This draping technique of wearing a simple scarf can become the main attraction. Scarves can be worn with a jacket or draped after the shirt. Which makes young women look quite smart.

This style can also be seen in gowns like saree draping style. The external beauty of this dress has been excellent with its use. In each gown, the fabric is draped horizontally from the top like a hem. The styling has been eye-catching and attractive.

Draping is seen in the case of skirts which is influencing fashion designing. Nowadays different types of draping can make the skirt more attractive. As a result, buyer interest is being created on it. Also this dress is the first choice of all young ladies in hot weather. So it is possible to introduce it as a more fashionable garment by bringing variety in its cut.

Today’s designers are paying more attention to the cut of the garment than to the design of the garment. The result is a draping style which has added a new dimension to fashion designing. Any design can also be easily realized through draping. Its demand is increasing day by day. So the role of draping in fashion designing is immense.



Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
Email: [email protected]

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