List of Trims and Accessories Used in Garment Industry

In garment production process main raw material is fabric. It is not possible to make garment only with fabric. To make complete garment different types of auxiliary materials are used. These auxiliary materials are called trims and accessories. Trims and accessories play a significant role in enhancing the appearance and functionality of garments. They add detail, style, and functionality to the clothing. But trimmings and accessories are not same. There function and looks are completely different. We have discussed about trims and accessories in the following section.

trims and accessories

What is Trimmings:
Trimmings or trims are attached with the body of garments by sewing. These materials are used in sewing room with fabric. Trims are directly attached with garments. The choice of trims largely depends on the style and purpose of the garment. They play a crucial role in creating a cohesive design and adding distinctive elements that make a garment stand out. These are used for functional purposes.

List of trims used in garment manufacturing:

  1. Sewing Thread
  2. Button
  3. Zipper
  4. Lining
  5. Interlining
  6. Motif
  7. Rivet
  8. Stopper
  9. Lace
  10. Braid
  11. Elastic
  12. All types of Label
  13. Shoulder pad
  14. Hook & Loop
  15. Twill tape
  16. Velcro tape
  17. Seam Sealing tape
  18. Shoulder Tape
  19. Fusing material
  20. Crochet
  21. Rib
  22. Pon pom
  23. Wadding
  24. Ribbon
  25. Metal Badge
  26. Down
  27. String/Draw Cord
  28. Piping Cord
  29. Emblem
  30. Logo Print
  31. Swivel Hook
  32. Eyelet/ Grommet
  33. Collar Stay
  34. Cord Bell
  35. Buckle
  36. Weaving Belt
  37. Cable (steel ware)
  38. Adjuster
  39. Recco
  40. Elastic Threads

What is Garment Accessories?
Garment accessories are various items used to complement and enhance garments. These accessories are attached to or used with clothing to add style, functionality, or both. Accessories are not directly attached with garment by sewing. These are used to make a garment attractive for sale and packing. In a word, accessories are used for decorative purposes.

List of accessories used in garment manufacturing:

  1. Hanger
  2. Hangtag
  3. Poly bag
  4. Collar stand
  5. Size Tag
  6. Tissue paper
  7. Backboard
  8. Neck board
  9. Paper Band
  10. Pin/Clip
  11. Tag pin
  12. Carton Sticker
  13. Safety sticker
  14. Arrow sticker
  15. Elastic bag
  16. Mini poly bag
  17. Gum tape
  18. Scotch tape
  19. P.P Band
  20. Inner Carton
  21. Outer carton
  22. Iron seal
  23. Tarpaulin paper
  24. Butterfly
  25. Both side tape
  26. Plastic staple
  27. Barcode, UPC
  28. Ball chain
  29. Carton Pad
  30. Size Stickers
  31. Numbering Stickers
  32. Defect Indicator
  33. Safety Pin
  34. Brass Pin
  35. Size Clip
  36. Master Carton

Garment trims and accessories are an essential part of clothing design, allowing designers and manufacturers to create unique and attractive pieces. They can significantly impact the appearance, functionality, and comfort of a garment, making them a crucial aspect of the garemnt industry.

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