Sources of Design Inspiration and Conceptualization

People need inspiration in every aspect of life. Its position is no exception when it comes to costume design. We have to create new designs of clothes to keep pace with the new fashions. And for that reason, from nature to market, even architecture is playing an important role as a source of inspiration for design. Designers are always inspired by the surrounding conditions and then the design is the beginning of a new fashion.

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What is Design Inspiration and Conceptualization?
Inspiration in design means to make someone interested in design in any way. In this case, several sources or mediums have been working to create inspiration and conceptualization in design. Nature, markets, architecture, old fashion are all known as sources of inspiration.

Sources of Design Inspiration and Conceptualization:
Below are some of the sources considered for creating inspiration and ideas in design:

Anyone from nature gets the most ideas in design. So nature is considered as the first source of inspiration. Such a large source cannot be found without nature. The chirping of birds, the leaves of trees, the water of springs, the waves of the sea all serve as a source of inspiration. Designers take ideas from these and create new designs according to their minds. Besides, the color and shape of the leaves also teaches a new way of thinking in design. So as a source, nature is the first choice of designers in any design. At present, nature has become one of the motifs of the design.  Flowers, vines, leaves, feathers, etc. of various aspects of nature are getting a direct place in the garment, which the designers are bringing as a design or motif inspired by nature.

The market has also been a source of design inspiration. Every day new trendy attractive clothes come in the market. And the designers start new designs with the ideas from these fashionable clothes. Again, looking at the demand of the buyer in the market, the designers can understand which clothes are more interested. As a result, they are inspired to create new designs using it as a source.

Architectural design is one of the best sources of inspiration. One of the best attractions of the architecture is the intricate pattern or drawing style of the creative design inside and out which inspires the designers to come up with new designs. The design of the themed costumes is inspired by the architectural design. Many of the artifacts of the Mughal period are also made suitable for the use of clothing through skillful decoration. Nowadays, the designers are looking at the ornate designs of the Taj Mahal, the ancient mosque, and embellishing the garments. As a result, architecture is playing a very important role as a source of inspiration.

Taj Mahal

Antique design:
Nowadays antique designs serve as a source of design inspiration. Designers are fascinated by these old things and are interested in creating new designs based on these ideas. In this case, by visiting the antique shops, one can easily get an idea about the old design. Among these, antique coin designs have gained a lot of popularity in the current fashion.

Current Fashion:
Designers are designed to become inspired by the current fashion. As a result, the current fashion has been working as a source of inspiration. Customers are more visually seen in the current fashion. As a result, designers get inspiration to create new designs by following these. Nowadays, simple designs have become more popular than gorgeous costumes.

Google Platform is also a popular source of inspiration for design. This allows anyone to get an idea about any design in a very short time. Designers are inspired to create new designs with the idea of ​​new and old fashion trends in an instant sitting anywhere in the world. Besides, all the fashion details are given in Google. As a result, it is very easy to gather information about the design.

One can also get ideas about design from Instagram. Designers follow models, stars. From what kind of clothes they wear, what kind of shoes they wear, they are inspired to create new designs. So Instagram is well known as a source of design inspiration. Again, many people decorate the dress as per their choice. Seeing that, many people get inspired and want to create designs. Designers from other countries get ideas about fashion and trends in one country. As a result, they are inspired to create new designs.

Inspiration is needed to do anything. If one gets inspiration in any work, they can easily succeed in that work. In the same way, success in design is not possible without it. So the source of inspiration must be taken seriously. If they take the idea from the source, the design can be enhanced in a beautiful and attractive way.



Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
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