13 Important Tips for Cleaning White Dress

My mother always says white color is the expression of purity. I always like especially when I want to present myself as an angel. I know you also like white dresses, Don’t you? In many countries and societies the color white has long been associated with purity and virtue, and that is one reason why some brides choose to wear white, especially in the West. Besides, there are many benefits of wearing white dress. In the summer season, your body keeps cool in colors which reflect the heat and sunlight. White is the color of innocence, peace, hope, purity, kindness, patience, simplicity, and idealism.

white dress washing

But we face various problems in the case of white dresses rather than other colored one. We always be afraid about white dress to be spotted and related many problems also. Generally white dresses become dirty after using only one day. Then what what we should do? Should we wash this after every using? Here I am going to share with you some valuable tips about washing of white dress.

white dress
Figure 1: Different types of white dresses

White Dress Washing or Cleaning Tips:
1. First of all after using white dresses, we have to keep it on open air to be dried. Even if we want to wash it we have to ensure that it is dried by open air first. Other there will remain a chance of grown up of fungus.

Stunning look with white dress
Figure 2: Stunning look with white dress

2. To be more careful about washing purpose of white dress, we should keep proper knowledge about the characteristics of fiber which is used for making the fabric.

3. If it is made up of silk then we have to ensure dry cleaning, otherwise by coming in contact of water fabric construction can be destructed.

4. If the fabric is of cotton then we can use a little amount bleach. But we should rinse our garments three or four times to ensure that the odor of bleach is going out.

5. If there is any bleed spot then if we keep it on water for half an hour, spot will be vanished otherwise we can also some chlorine bleach also.

6. If we want to add starch to white dresses then we have to be more careful about uniformity. We can use a little warm water for making starch solution uniform effect.

7. During adding brightening agent, we should carefully add brightening agent with care. Never use a lot of blue, These may spoil general pure whiteness.

8. If there is any spot of nail polish or lip stick then we can remove this spot by applying a little remover then chlorine bleach.

9. If the garments is of wool fabric then we can wash it with mild shampoo.

10. White beautiful Jamdani can not be always good wash at home. Avoid washing of Jamdani saree at home.

white saree
Figure 3: Beautiful white saree

11. Silk white dresses should not be twisted to get rid of water. We can keep it in hanging position to drop out water.

12. Cotton-silk saree should be washed more and more. If there is only any spot and that is the cause of washing the saree then avoid washing. Just apply a little detergent in spotted area to remove the spot. Otherwise you can use also Phenyl pen which is available in the market to remove the spot.

13. Never wash white and colored garments together. Because foreign color from colored garments can spoil your favorite white dresses.

white wedding gown
Figure 4: She is looking like an angel with white gown

So, from never be afraid about buying white dresses because of being spoiled early. Just love your garments and take care of it properly and express your personality with purity.

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