Techniques of Measuring Body and Dress Form

One of the most important conditions for creating well-fitting clothing is to correctly measure the wearer’s body. To make clothes, these are cut and sewn according to different body sizes of the wearer. This is made following different rules. Before making any garment according to the design taking the measurements of different parts of the wearer’s body, making the original draft on paper according to the measurements and then shaping the original draft into the final design or pattern.

body measuring techniques

Methods of Measuring Body and Dress Form:
Garments are mainly made in two ways.

  1. Tailoring method and
  2. Industrial method

A. Tailoring method: Tailoring is the process of making clothes for a particular person by cutting the cloth with hand scissors and sewing it with a sewing machine.

B. Industrial method: Ideal body measurements are taken for men, women, boys or girls. In this case the design is specific. And thousands of pieces of garments are made in different sizes. The same industrial method is called garment making. Both these methods require some basic body measurements.

Two things are very important to know while making clothes:
One is cutting and another is sewing. While making the clothes, the body size should be taken properly and then the clothes should be cut. Body measurements are taken with tape. How to take measurements and which measuring methods should be taken from which part of the body to which part are given below –

Many times the clothes become tight near the chest. It is very funny then. This is because the chest size is not known correctly. Measure the length of the tape around the chest and back just below the armpit, that is the chest size. One finger should be kept while measuring.

In the case of clothes, right next to the neck, from the top of the shoulder to the bottom should be taken as needed. In case of pants or pajama or saree, from the waist down should be taken as required.

The measurement of the circumference of the lower part of the neck. While taking the measurement, the measurement should be taken by placing a finger between the neck and the band. This part size is also needed for the collar. Basically it takes more for boys clothes. Bring the tape forward from the neck. Make sure it is not too tight. Increase the size by half an inch from the size that comes. This results in better fittings.

Shoulder Length:
The measure from the top of the back where the neck touches the end of the shoulder to where the hand starts is the putt. Basically, this size is very important for men. The perfect size of broad shoulders will bring out the personality.

It starts over the shoulder to the wrist is called sleeve. Half shirt or blouse sleeve size should be taken up to the elbow.

The measurement taken around the wrist is called bottom.

Shoulder to Waistline:
Measure from the top of the spine where the neck touches, to the waist. In the case of blouses, these sizes are required.

Waist size:
In order to style jeans properly, it is very important to know the waist size. The West Line is the biggest place to see Smart. The good brands these days make everything with natural waste. Go to the narrowest part of the waist to find one’s natural waist size. Anyone can catch it roughly near the navel or a little below it. Measure this part with tape. Place the tape along the navel and fold the tape to check the size.

Size of back or hip:
Loose pants if the size of the hips is not right. It is very important to know the perfect size of hips for your straight tight fittings. For this, measure from the middle of the back. Round the center of the butt and bring the tape forward.

Take this measurement loosely around the knee.

Leg Length Measurements:
When buying jeans or leggings, it is very important to understand how much they will hang. It’s not mandatory to use tape to measure this part. If anyone has any tight fit pants that fit them well, take the measurements. And after that he took the measurement from waist to ankle once with a tape. Men must measure below the ankle when measuring jeans because they have to fold the jeans a little. Be sure to measurement the below part of waist because the pants are too tight for this. For the reason of the wrong size. There is a problem when sitting.

It is the innate tendency of humans to create new things. This trend is more common when sewing different types of clothes. Knowing the body measurements is the most important thing for creating different kinds of clothes from this motivation of creation. It is not possible to bring new designs to clothes if body size is not known. Besides, there is no alternative to present oneself attractively. So knowing body size is very important.


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