What is Textile / Garment / Apparel / Fashion and Their Comparison

In the clothing industry, textile, garment, apparel and fashion are all interconnected. One part depends on another. Just as garment is made by shaping textiles, and it becomes fashion when it becomes more popular. Although these are closely related to each other, there are several differences among them. So in today’s article we have highlighted what are textiles, garments, apparel and fashion and what are the differences among them.

what is textile

What is Textile?
Textiles are cloths or fabrics made by interweaving yarns. Textile raw materials are fibers that are obtained from natural sources and can also be synthetically produced. Again these two can be made in combination. This fiber is first made into yarn by spinning. Then textile fabric is made by weaving, knitting, felting etc. process. It is a type of material that is made by mixing fibers together. This includes all types of fiber. For example, fibers like jute, cotton, wool, silk, hemp etc.

What is Garment?
Garment is any type of clothing that is manufactured from cloth or fabrics or any other textile materials intended for use on the human body. Garment products are made attractive to people by adding various types of crafts, designs or patterns on these clothes. In more simple words, garments are clothes that are worn after being made from different types of fabric. That is why it is also called ready-made garments. For example, one of the most popular clothing items for men is the shirt, which is specifically classified as a garment product. The quality of the garment can vary depending on the source of the textile fiber used as raw material to make different types of garment products.

What is Apparel?
Apparel is not limited to clothes or garments. Along with clothes, watches, hats, bags, various jewelry, etc. are also included. Simply put, clothing and accessories together are called apparel. Apparel is used to mean many things together in terms of men, women or children or many more.

What is Fashion? 
Style, change, and acceptability are the three aspects that define fashion. Generally, when the design with people’s taste starts trending among everyone, it is called fashion. People effort to beautify themselves since ancient times. They want to make themselves attractive to others, which require fashion. Fashion can easily create mass appeal. Individuals are easily attracted by it. It has no limits. Fashion is important to show one’s own culture to others. Besides, fashion is followed to make one attractive to others. Again, it is important in wearing clothes that suit every season.

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Comparison of Textile, Garment, Apparel and Fashion:
The difference among textile, garment, apparel and fashion are:

Although textiles, games, apparel and fashion have many similarities, several differences can also be noted among them. This connection is discussed below:

Textile Garment Apparel Fashion
1. Any material produced by weaving, knitting, or felting is called a textile. 1. Garment refers to any particular item of clothing. 1. Clothing and all accessories used with it like bags, watches, shoes, scarves etc. are collectively called apparels. 1. Fashion is the style that is popular among most of the people, which is acceptable to all.
2. Textiles are not only part of the apparel industry.  Among these, various items used in home decoration such as carpets, table cloths, canvas etc. are notable. 2. It refers to specific garments that are used as wearable.


2. Clothes, bags, shoes, watches are all under its purview. 2. It represents a state of garments and accessories that are acceptable to most people.
3. Used in all areas for daily needs. 3. Used as wearable clothing. 3. Used to follow fashion trends as well as necessity. 3. Used to present one attractively.
4. The word textile is Latin, which comes from textiles.  which means ‘woven’, 4. The word garment means clothing. 4. The term apparel means the fashion or design of clothing. 4. Fashion is custom, behavior, style.
5. Textile is the basic unit of everything. 5. Garments are made by shaping a single piece of fabric. 5. Accessories are given equal importance to make clothes more attractive. 5. Personal preference is given utmost importance in this regard.
6. Cotton, jute, wool, silk, hemp etc. are all types of fibers used. 6. Suitable fibers are used to make wearable garments. 6. Besides fibers useful for making clothes, leather, fur are also used. 6. Clothing of any fiber can gain popularity.
7. From the raw material of the textile to the finishing of the garment, all the processing is included in the textile. 7. Garment basically means single piece. 7. Many things are collectively called apparel. 7. In this case garment, apparel can have everything which depends on people’s choice and acceptance.

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Although there are some differences between textile, garment, apparel, fashion, most of them are similar. In today’s era, the world without textile is unimaginable, just as garment is made by giving shape to it and accessories are used to make it fashionable. That means they are all related to each other. One cannot be expressed without the other. However, the comparisons were highlighted.


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