Effects of Fashion Show in Textile and Apparel Industry

The role of fashion show in the development of apparel and textile industry is immense. Through this it is known what kind of clothes are coming as fashion and along with this the textile industry expands. Without the help of modern technology, it is becoming possible to bring high-quality products and fashion trends to the general public in a short period of time through fashion shows.

What is Fashion Show?
Fashion show is an event created by a fashion designer to showcase his upcoming designed clothes during a fashion week. Fashion shows debut every season, especially the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons where the latest fashion trends are created. In this case, the models walk wearing clothes made by the designer. This is known as catwalk. There is no specific venue for the fashion show. It can be held anywhere in any environment. It can be organized anywhere in museum, forest, sea beach. It has no specific stage. Models usually demonstrate this by walking the runway. Sometimes the models stand and the audience turn around and look at them. A fashion show is an event. It is done by fashion designers. Usually designers organize it to showcase their advanced collections.

fashion show
Fig: Fashion show

It is usually organized in two seasons:

  1. Summer to Spring
  2. Autumn to Winter

Effects of Fashion Show in Textile and Apparel Industry:
No matter how attractive a person is on the inside, we cannot really be impressed if they are not beautiful on the outside. On the other hand, we have strong admiration for hollow people just because they look good. Humans’ fondness for visual beauty is innate. So people have tried to present themselves beautifully for ages. ‘Fashion‘ was created from this effort. And it is becoming possible to spread it among everyone through fashion shows.

The ways in which fashion shows are contributing to the textile industry are discussed below:

A. Increase in production of manufacturing companies:
Manufacturing companies by seeing fashion shows increases their production. Generally, they can get ideas of advance fashion and accordingly. As a result, their production increases. The textile industry is rich in it. Not everyone can participate in fashion shows. Merchandiser, manufacturer companies are encouraged from these places. And they get ideas which they later use to design clothes. And when these clothes come in the market they easily attract customers.

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B. Band promotion:
Bands are also promoted through fashion shows. Usually different clothing bands organize fashion show with their latest fashionable clothes. As a result, customers are attracted to buy clothes after seeing that show. As a result, the production of goods increases. Through this, the band is also promoted.

C. Designer Debut:
It is up to the designer what the models will wear and how they will dress themselves. Designers create models to showcase their creativity. Every part of the dress is presented in a very perfect manner in the fashion show. As a result, designers show their creativity in fashion shows. The designer’s work in fashion shows reveals his skills and talent.

D. Post a new message:
Textile companies get new messages through fashion shows. As a result they are aware of new fashion trends and focus on producing such fashionable clothes. As a result, when clothing is in the market, its demand is always acceptable to the buyer and consumers. As a result, the demand for clothing increases and the textile industries benefit from it.

E. Gain popularity:
Models become popular through fashion shows. Usually by wearing designer designed clothes they make themselves look attractive which attracts common people as well. As a result, it becomes easily acceptable to everyone. Besides, various clothing companies or bands display their clothing by models so that it becomes easily acceptable to everyone.

F. Follow fashion trends:
Fashion shows deal with latest fashions. In this case, the trends that people follow are given first priority. Besides, designers are encouraged from these places to change the design and create new designs. As a result, the textile industry is prosperous in all aspects. And when new fashions enter the market, the old fashions gradually fade away.

G. Creating awareness:
Fashion shows are usually themed. As a result, it is of different types depending on the environment. As a result it creates awareness among people. For example, the whole world was at a standstill due to the Corona epidemic. As a result, everyone gave more importance to simple clothes. Later, when this epidemic was overcome, colorful designs appeared again in clothes. And some of these were presented through fashion shows. So it helps to create awareness among people.

A designer can publish his creativity beautifully through fashion shows. As a result, his design is accepted by everyone. This makes the textile industry more prosperous because textile companies make garments following those designs. Its contribution to the textile industry is immense as fashion shows not only showcase clothing designs but also promote companies. As a result, the textile industries benefit.


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Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
Email: [email protected]

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