Fashion Merchandiser Job Duties and Responsibilities

What is Fashion Merchandising?
Fashion merchandising is a process of A-to-Z fashion business from product development, production, marketing, and selling the different fashionable items like clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and footwear.

Fashion merchandising is the part of promotion that helps to apparel sales and involves all the process of clothing delivery to shop in the right quantity at the right time and also meet the demands of customers and designers.

Fashion merchandising and fashion marketing closely related with each other. Fashion merchandising able to prophecy the latest styles and fashion trends and estimate the needs of a target market. The fashion marketing helps to build up more successful promotional campaigns, to attract consumers. The fashion merchandise is responsible for actually buying the garment and displays them in the stores.

What is Fashion Merchandiser?
Fashion merchandiser is a person who buy the goods, manufacture, sell, and promote the fashion products for potential customer.

fashion merchandiser
Fig: Fashion merchandiser

Fashion merchandiser should be creative, have a fashion and business knowledge and forward thinking. Visual Merchandising is another popular job career for a fashion merchandiser.

Process Flow of a Fashion Merchandiser:
The process flow of a fashion merchandiser is given below.

Fashion forecasting

Design development

Sample planning

Product specification

Merchandise planning


Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Fashion Merchandiser:
Fashion merchandisers do different fashion related and creative work for design and create visually attractive window displays and exhibits of merchandise. This is mainly done for the decoration and commercial establishments in retail store. Fashion merchandiser generally analyze about sales tracks, apply different ways of store promotion to attract the attention of customer and finally make them purchase the merchandise.

Fashion merchandisers at first purchase the required materials for production, fixed the price of finished garments and established liaise between the production line and the marketing of finished product.

Some essential job description of fashion merchandiser are below:

  1. They will research and evaluate the consumer markets.
  2. Thorough comprehension of product development and forecasting.
  3. He analyze the apparel products and maintain quality.
  4. Have to expand merchandising and buying plans.
  5. They utilized latest software for merchandise planning.
  6. Should have knowledge on textile, fabrics, fashion history and culture.
  7. Should have knowledge the latest market price.
  8. Garment pricing are select according to quality, comfort ability and durability.
  9. Understanding of apparel industry channels.
  10. Understand about the market demand.
  11. Sometimes they arrange fashion show.
  12. Ensuring fashion photo shoots for brand display.
  13. Able to create solutions about current fashion industry challenges.
  14. Have to focus on social responsibility and industry influences.
  15. Evaluate and express the global fashion and apparel industry.
  16. He must stay up-to-date fashion trends and current market places.
  17. Should have communication and negotiation skill with manufacturer, suppliers and retailers.
  18. Should have working ability with design, planning and sales teams.
  19. To make a plan and design merchandise displays, properly use of space, color, products, props, lighting and accessories to decorate the windows and inside of the retail stores.
  20. They create the pleasing environment in or outside of the shop foe attract the customer’s attention.
  21. Regular turnaround the window displays with the changing seasons and promotions.
  22. He ensures that all fashion clothing, accessories and other products are presented properly.
  23. Designs are sketched by computer or hand.
  24. Able to use mannequins for clothing display.
  25. Ensuring about the price and hang tag are properly visible on clothes.
  26. Always monitor the customer feedback in store.
  27. He will determine the production costs, supervise sales, and create income projections.
  28. Build up regular communication with corporate offices.

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