7 Steps in Developing a Fashion Forecasting

Fashion trends have expanded the fashion industry to a great extent. This is only possible for fashion forecasting. Fashion forecasting is also based on past and present fashion. Through this the needs of the consumers can be easily identified. This allows clothing bands to connect directly with them. Forecasting is directly involved in color, styling techniques, fabric texture and many more that will spark consumer demand. Not only this, in the case of fashion designing the effect of forecasting is immense.

What is Fashion Forecasting?
Fashion forecasting is the process of predicting what kind of fashion will be popular in the future based on past and present fashion and analyzing these fashions.

fashion forecasting

It takes time for someone to design a new outfit following a running outfit design. It takes a lot of time to come to the show room to design any dress i.e. cutting, sewing, packaging. Until then, the former fashion may not be popular. However, any designer can avoid this risk. And fashion forecasting is another name for avoiding this risk. It can be used properly through proper analysis by the designer.

7 Steps for Development of Fashion Forecasting Process:
Fashion designers design clothing in keeping with the attractiveness, trends, as well as forecasting and climate. Fashion forecasting is a lot like weather forecasting. It cannot be said in any specific way. Fashion designers can make their designs popular through this. It is possible to improve the fashion forecasting in different ways. Below are 7 steps of fashion forecasting development:

1. Emphasis on color in design:
Certain colors or shades of color that will influence the fashion world for the next 2/3 years. Color forecasting is often based on specific products and regions. It may be in front of a specific season or festival. The pink color is always attractive and is on the first list for any occasion or festival. On the other hand, olive is a color that is always associated with nature. This olive oil color combines nicely with other colors that play an important role in fashion forecasting. Organic blue is also a color that perfectly complements sustainable fashion and traditional design.

2. Increase research in fashion:
Everything in the world goes through a continuum. Fashion trends are no exception. This is why fashion forecasting is so important for fashion these days. For this, fashion has to be analyzed. Everyone need to know what kind of fashion was in the past, how long it lasted and what caused the change in fashion. They need to know what fashion is popular not only in the past but also in the present. Research on these issues needs to be increased. By then will it be easy to form an idea about the current market demand. As a result, the chances of fashion being damaged are greatly reduced.

3. Paying attention to the needs of the buyer:
Another important step in the development of fashion forecasting is to give importance to the needs of the buyers. In the current context, what kind of fashion is predominant in the consumer or buyers to keep in mind to think of bringing a new fashion market. This is because the buyer’s interest in the fashion that is gone or getting old decreases a lot. As a result, it may not be as popular or even acceptable as fashion in many cases. For example, at one time people preferred more elaborately embroidered garments, but now they are focusing more on basic garments. As a result, those clothes are no longer as popular as before. Not only clothes but also shoes and before that buyers used to prefer high heels. But now all eyes are on flat shoes. So before designing a new fashion, fashion forecasting is done by giving importance to the needs of the buyer.

4. Determining the difference between the fashion of the past and the present:
Designer need to know the difference between the fashion of the past and the fashion of the present time. Along with this they have to find out the reasons for the change in fashion. They have to have an idea about which fashions are more popular nowadays. Need to know how much fashion has changed, how it used to be, how it has changed and refined now and how fashion has manifested itself in new ways. As a result, fashion forecasting will be easy and beautiful.

5. Determining the factors that may influence future fashion trends:
Don’t just have to think about the fashion of the past and the present. People also need to have an idea of ​​the future fashion trends. Future fashion emerges as a new form of past and present fashion. New designs may not be popular if they have no idea what kind of fashion is going to come in the future. As a result, all the efforts of the designer are in vain. So they have to make new designs with the idea of ​​future fashion.

6. Apply fashion forecasting tools and techniques:
Learn about fashion forecasting tools and techniques. Must have an idea about its use. As a result, it can be easily applied in the creation of new fashions. For that, this is also another important step in the development of forecasting. Without an idea of ​​tools and techniques, it will not be possible to create a fashion that is suitable for the future.

7. Modify the fashion forecast if necessary:
Many times it is possible to improve it by modifying the fashion forecasting. A fashion can last for about 2/3 years. When a new fashion comes in the form of the old fashion and if it is too late to come, it loses its acceptability. As a result, fashion is easily lost. As a result, fashion forecasting needs to be revised so that the new fashion can take on a new look and retain its popularity.

It is very important to have an idea about fashion forecasting before making fashion. Because no fashion can be beautifully presented without an idea. That is why the development of fashion forecasting should be given importance. Nowadays, fashion designers think about what their future might look like before making any design. So the more it is developed, the more attractive fashion can be found.


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