Basic Steps of Fashion Designing

There is a whim of creativity in every step of the dream world of the fashion industry. Every day new possibilities, competitions with clothing design. A fashion designer uses a combination of fabric, shape, color, trimming and other aspects to create a specific look within a person. And each of these works follows the steps of fashion designing. By following all these steps, the design becomes a reality. The main part of any fashion is the steps of fashion designing.

What does mean by Fashion Designing?
Fashion design is an art through which design, natural beauty and aesthetics are applied to clothes and accessories. The style and process of fashion design is also largely influenced by social and cultural attitudes. And that’s why when a designer starts work; he designs by following several steps. Which can be called the step of fashion designing. The fashion designing process includes everything from detailed discussions to research inspiration, fashion forecasting, creativity, promotion etc.

fashion designing steps

Basic Steps of Fashion Designing:
There are some steps to follow from the beginning to the end of each task. This is no exception in the case of fashion designing. There are several steps involved in the fashion designing process. That are :

  1. Research inspiration
  2. Creative process
  3. Production of prototype
  4. Evaluation of collection
  5. Promotion

Analysis the steps of fashion designing brief:
When one starts collection, one should have a very clear understanding of the target customers. Designers first find out the needs of the buyer or consumer before designing in any case. And they do this work through analysis. For a commercial designer, generally a written design brief is provided by the client. The analysis of that brief should start with deconstruction. Breaking down a brief allows a designer to try to determine and identify what are the needs of the client. Reading that brief and carefully dissecting that brief can make the difference between a success and a failure for that designer. Sometimes, brief is given orally and details are not given to the designer clearly enough or perhaps too vague. In that case, one might need to ask some questions to clarify the design. For a non-commercial designer, a design brief is not provided. They have to set up the design brief by themselves.

Research Inspiration:
The first is to target the customer and start research based on their needs. A designer can be an inspiration in any field. Rainwater, ocean waves all serve as a source of inspiration. When a designer is inspired by something, it is called inspiration board. The inspiration board must have a connection to the design.

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Creative Process:
The designers draw it in his notebook whenever he goes out and likes something along the way. The only reason is that he realizes that he is inspired by it. And later they presented it in a new way. In this way, when fashion designers design something new, it highlights its creativity in an attractive way.

It has several steps, which are:

  • Idea sketch
  • Design development
  • Production sketch drawing
  • Presentation drawing

Production prototype:
The designers have to redesign to make the production understand their work. In this case dart, waist line is mentioned in all the details. Dummies are usually used to make high range garments. This method also involves the cutting and seaming of fabrics in order to fit the figures. So patterns are then made into first samples and then fit is perfected on models. They also do “toy modeling”. Fashion designers apply their designs on the toy to see if it can attract buyers or consumers.

Evaluation of collection:
Fashion designers create a whole range of related ideas for creating clothing groups. It work not only as stand-alone clothing, but also as a collection. In addition to deciding on each individual garment, the balance of the range as a whole needs to be considered. A consistent approach to important issues such as color, silhouette, fabric, pattern and proportions helps to create this combination. Every collection needs to have color and size breakdown of units so that customers can make right choices and be able to put together a combination of outfits.

The publicity depends a lot on how the designer spreads his design. In recent years, online platforms have become the focus of promotion and marketing of fashion products. Fashion items can also be promoted through advertising, newspapers, billboards, sales exhibitions, online promotions, catalog distribution, showroom displays / window displays, and more.

The steps of fashion designing have been playing an important role in making any design look beautiful. Just as analysis is required at the beginning of a design, so is promotion by spreading the design. And all this is done through the steps of the fashion designing process. Following these steps, a designer uses his / her creativity to create new designs.



Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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