Fashion Designing Career in Bangladesh

If people are thinking of taking up the challenge of doing something creative and innovative, then they can choose fashion designing as their career. And Bangladesh has immense potential for this profession. Thousands of garments, buying houses, fashion houses and boutique houses have sprung up across the country, creating demand for skilled manpower in these sectors. And now it is mandatory to have fashion designer in garment industry, buying house, fashion house everywhere.

What is Fashion Designing?
Fashion design is an art medium that allows a designer to make a garment attractive with the touch of his skillful hands. It includes not only clothing but also any accessories like bags, jewelry, shoes, scarves etc.

The fashion designer plays a key role in the design of the costumes. In order to work in this profession, one need to be proficient in drawing as well as get acquainted with different types of people’s life, thoughts and tastes.

Fashion Designing Career in Bangladesh:
The garment industry is one of the few sources of foreign exchange earnings in our country.  Not only is the garment exported abroad, but it also has a huge market in this country. Fashion designers are constantly creating new clothes to suit the climate, culture and tastes of our country. It has a bright future in Bangladesh as a career.

fashion designing career

There are many job opportunities for fashion designers in Bangladesh. Among these are job opportunities in textile industry, garment industry, buying house, boutique house or big domestic and foreign clothing brand houses of the country so that fashion designing can be easily accepted as a career. This enabled their to make a name for themselves as a fashion designer. Besides, anyone can start a business of fashion house, boutique house on their own initiative. Apart from this, if one have good results and experience, there is also an opportunity to join some universities as a lecturer.

Fashion designers do their work in different ways. Some express their ideas through sketches, some express their designs directly through their clothes. In addition to working institutionally, many fashion designers also work as consultants. Fashion designers have the opportunity to work at the international level very easily if they work hard. Here men and women work in equal harmony. However, some fashion designers are not directly involved in dress design. In that case they work with designers from Italy, Spain and America. However, they often design clothes with the needs of EUROPE and USA in mind, but they are short range. Indigenous designers usually work in a liaison office, buying house or factory.

If one work in the fashion design sector, they can participate in big expos or fairs at home and abroad. As a result, one can get an idea about the fashion of those places which helps in creating new fashions later. Creativity develops by participating in fashion shows in big cities. Moreover good communication with buyers can be established. The culture of other countries is very well known.

And there is a lot of freedom to work in this profession. Because every designer has to be mentally healthy. Because it is not possible to work if they are not mentally fit. The clothes they make should be the choice of the consumer. For this fashion designers need to think like a consumer with their eyes and brain.

Studying fashion designing is not the only way to become a designer, one can also become a Garment technologist, Textile designer, Fashion illustrator, Pattern cutter / grader, Stylist etc.

The Monthly Income of a Fashion Designer:
The monthly income of a fashion designer depends on his work and organization. While doing an internship in fashion designing in Bangladesh, a designer gets an honorarium of 8 to 12 thousand Taka. After 3 months or 6 months of internship, in the first stage of working in the company, he gets 15 to 20 thousand Taka per month. Then the salary gradually increases. This is from 50 to 60 thousand. In addition, better pay depends on the company. But if they work with an international company, at the end of the month they can easily earn one and a half lakh to three lakh Taka. In this sector, work experience as well as dedication to work is given more importance.

If anyone want to work in this sector, they must have graduate or Master’s or higher degree in this subject. Apart from this, it is also possible to get the desired job by doing a diploma in this field. Because fashion designing is not just about designing clothes, it is also about having knowledge about the fabric, weaving, quality of fabric, material, color, design and change. So it is very important to have hands-on education on this subject.

Bangladesh’s textile industry is growing day by day. There is also a need for skilled engineers and skilled fashion designers. This is much less than the demand of our country. So there is a huge opportunity for the youth of our country to build a career in fashion designing in the textile industry. The job market in this sector is also much better than other sectors. And with the help of these young people, the textile and fashion design industry of Bangladesh will go a long way.



Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
Email: [email protected]

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