Importance of Body Measurements in Fashion Designing

Knowing the body measurements are the most important part for making clothes in fashion designing. In order to make clothes, the cloth is cut according to the size of different parts of the body of the wearer. And that’s why knowing body size is very important. Fashion designers make clothes to give the fullness of their designs, so if they don’t know the body size, they can’t present their designs beautifully. In today’s article, we will highlight what body measurement is, its importance in fashion designing.

What are Body Measurements?
Taking measurements of different parts of the body using tapes for making clothes is called body measurement. Two aspects have to be specially observed for making clothes. One of which is cutting and the other is sewing. If body measurement is not known then cloth cutting is not possible.

Body Measurements in Fashion Designing

Importance of Body Measurements in Fashion Designing:
Fashion designers make clothes based on their own designs. In making clothes they cut the cloth to a specific size. Sometimes this size is the designer’s own body size. Again, this size is made to fit the body size of the dummy. Without knowing the dimensions of the body, the designer is not able to give the full shape of his design. So it is very important to know body size in fashion designing.

The main job of any designer is to bring their skills or their creativity into reality through various things. If they want to express their creativity through cloth, then their designed cloth is later transformed into clothes to beautify it. And to make clothes, first of all, they need to know the size of the body. If the ideal body size is not known then the desired design clothes cannot be found.

Knowing one’s body measurements is essential for making any custom garment. Usually in any festival young ladies make customized clothes for themselves. If this is wrong, then money, time and effort are all three things that are affected. On the other hand, big festivals like the Cannes film awards show popular models wearing clothes made by fashion designers.  The dress is only one design and the dress is made according to their body measurements. And there are no duplicates of this dress. Therefore, knowing the body size is very important for fashion designers. These dresses are very expensive and are made with great care.

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Textile industries manufacture garments by knowing the ideal body size to make ready-made garments. Companies are usually not limited to making one person’s clothing. They have to make many thousands of pieces of clothing. That’s why they make some standard size clothes. They divide the size of clothes into several categories like L, M, S, XL, XXL and make ready-made garments with ideal body sizes in different categories.

If the body size is known, the desired design can be easily made in the dress. There are many designs that make it very important to know the measurements of each part of the body in order to make them appear in clothes. If the size is not known, it is not possible to present those new designs in clothes.

When fashion designers make clothes for a client, they make them according to the wearer’s measurements. As a result, the size of the garment is correct. But the ready-made clothes in the market are made in thousands of pieces of clothes of different sizes with ideal body sizes of men, women, boys, girls, so in many cases it is not possible to make clothes according to the exact size of the client. So body measurements are given priority in fashion designing to meet the needs of clients. But the size of the body should be taken very carefully so that it is not less or more. Because if the size is too low, it takes a lot of effort and time to readjust it. Again and again fixing it often fails to achieve customer satisfaction.

Body size has been playing an important role in determining the quality of clothing. When the consumer can buy his desired clothes in his body size, his demand for clothes also increases. This also increases the quality of clothing. There is a close correlation between the quality of clothing and the increase in demand. So when fashion designers come up with a new design, they also look at the body size. Besides, if the clothes are made according to the size of the body, the clothes are fitting and look very beautiful.

In fashion designing, different designs of clothes are made. And in making clothes, two things are given the most priority; one of which is cutting and the other is sewing. Neither of these two is possible if body measurements are not known. So knowing body size is very important in fashion designing. Fashion designers can’t design clothes if they don’t know measurements. Apart from this, you need to know the size of the body to bring any new cut in the clothes. This makes it easy to put on any style of clothing which makes the person look more attractive.



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