Mirror Work Embroidery in Dress Decoration: Types, Roles and Importance

New designs are always sought to bring a little difference in the clothes. And so the mirror work embroidery is having a unique influence in the fashion world in a new way. No one likes to wear the same clothes all the time. Again, it is difficult to wear thick clothes to look gorgeous in summer. Nowadays, mirror work dresses are trending. It has added a new dimension to the wardrobe of people of all ages.

Mirror Work Embroidery
Fig: Mirror work embroidery on dress

What is Mirror Work Embroidery?
It is a type of handwork that is embroidered on cloth with needle thread and has mirrors embedded in it. Mirrors are placed on the fabric in a way that makes the fabric more attractive. It is an art that brings out the inner beauty of the designer.

Viscose threads have relatively less strength and durability but their luster is much higher. That is why viscose is used more for mirror work embroidery than sewing thread.

Types of Mirror Work Embroidery:
Many types of mirror work embroidery are seen in dress designs.

This type of design is seen in clothes in more or less all countries of the world, although it is very popular in India. Some popular mirror work embroideries are:

  1. Mirror anchoring stitch
  2. With lazy daisy stitch
  3. Woven frame
  4. Pointed petal frame
  5. With basque stitch and many more

1. Mirror anchoring stitch: This type of embroidery consists of a small mirror and very fine thread filling around it. Usually this type of work can be seen in the texture of sarees.

2. With lazy daisy stitch: In this type of mirror work embroidery, a frame made of thread is first made. The mirror is then stitched or glued to the frame. This type of embroidery looks like flowers. Sometimes frames are also available to buy ready-made.

3. Woven frame: This type of frame looks a lot like weaving cloth. This type of mirror embroidery is more noticeable in dress decoration. Usually the weave of the frame is straight.

4. Pointed petal frame: Such Embroidery looks like a tree leaf. It is widely used in garment decoration.

5. With basque stitch: This embroidery look like daisy stitch, the frame is made before the mirror is attached. In this case the frame is round.

Importance of Mirror Embroidery in Dress Decoration:
A popular embellishment in current fashion is mirror work embroidery. Sarees, blouses, salwar kameez, fatua, kurti are all seen using mirror work. Previously this type of work was done only on sarees and kameez, nowadays this work is becoming quite popular on sarees, kameez as well as burka and abaya. Mirror work salwar kameez is available in both stitch and unstitch. After working on different colored fabrics or vegetable dyeing, mirror placement, again mirror work dresses on blocks are available.

Mirror work embroidery is back again to bring innovation to the dress. The influence of this design can be seen in different clothes here this year as well as in the surrounding countries. This design has become quite popular in various events, from weddings to outings or feasts. The demand for this design of clothes is increasing day by day in any festive environment. This type of design should be presented in a new way on Eid, Pohela Baishakh, Puja, any festival.

Mirror work embroidery dresses are beautiful, artistic. If there is such work on veil, dress or saree, the price increases many times. Artisans can make even a simple garment extraordinary beautiful with the skillful design of hands.

To add a new dimension to fashion, mirror work embroidery designs are quite eye-catching in handbags, shoes as well as clothes. The demand of young women for these designed products is increasing day by day. These products are the daily companions of college and university students.

In addition to the market, these are being bought and sold on various online pages. One can easily order at home. Artisans take orders based on different designs. The price is according to the design. If anyone give the design to the artisans, they will make it within a week. Everybody can buy clothes according to their favorite color and make these clothes easily. Many artisans are leaving the profession due to lack of income.  Those who survived, also spend their days with many hardships.  Even if anyone works twelve hours a day, the monthly income is very low. So the government should sponsor in this industry. Then its demand will increase and it will be saved from extinction.

As always, leaving the old behind, this time too, the new style has come in clothes. And so mirror work embroidery work is a very popular name nowadays. Embroidery work is done on clothes to make different types of clothes more beautiful and eye-catching. Embroidery is not only done by machine but it can also be done by hand. However, mirror work embroidery can be done more precisely by hand instead of machine. There is also a huge demand for hand-embroidered garments.


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Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
Email: [email protected]

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