Mood Board in Fashion Designing: Types, Purposes and Importance

Mood board is one of the manifestations of fashion. A designer can be inspired by seeing anything. And he uses the inspiration and makes mood board. It requires all fields of fashion design. It plays an important role in making any inspired subject. Currently, fashion designers publish all their designs through mood bodes. A fashion designer expresses the thoughts, wishes, etc. As a result, he can easily highlight his own mind. As a result, everyone’s identity with the new fashion. So, its importance is essential in fashion designing.

What is Mood Board in Fashion Designing?
When the designer shows his designed clothes through pictures without expressing any language, it is called mood board. In this case, the designs of different parts of the clothes are presented through pictures. Usually fashion designers are inspired by different things and want to express it through mood board. For example, many designer are inspired by red roses and express red color clothes in mood board.

Mood Board in Fashion Designing
Fig: Mood Board in Fashion Designing

Types of Mood Board:
Mood boards are generally of two types. The first is called physical mood board and the second is digital mood board.

1. Physical mood board: In this case, the designer designs the clothes in his own sketch book or notepad. Besides, different types of colors are used to highlight the designs in the clothes. Many designers use corkboard or even a wall as a mood board.

2. Digital mood board: Digital mood board usually involves designing clothes through software. Computer is mostly used as a device in this case.  Clothing designs are made through many types of software like adobe illustration, adobe Photoshop etc.

What is the Purpose of a Mood Board?
The main purpose of the mood board is to show how future garments will actually look like. Since mood boards are usually inspired by something, the design is given more importance in this case. Besides, the color palette also exists in this board. As a result, it is easy to understand what color combination is used to highlight the design.

Importance of Mood Board in Fashion Designing:

1. All of thoughts, wishes, and love are expressed in the mood board. As a result, the designer is able to present his designed clothes beautifully through pictures, which plays an important role in fashion designing. Because the designer can get an idea of ​​how the garment will look before making it.

2. Mood boards are inspired by ocean waves, leaves, flowers, etc. As a result, a designer has to think deeply. Which later they understand and present in their own designs. A mood board collection is usually named. As a result, the campaign is promoted through names that are easily recognized. As a result, fashion designing has a good impact.

3. In the mood board, not only the body of the dress, but also how the sleeve will be, whether there will be a design or not, everything is visualized through pictures. For example, a mood board may have puffed sleeves following flower petals. In addition, the target customer such as children or boys can easily get an idea of ​​what the clothes will look like by looking at the mood board.

4. Mood board plays an important role in retaining and increasing the number of clients in the textile industry. Latest designs can be presented easily through mood boards. For this there is no need to make clothes. And can be attracted by making attractive clothes. Apart from this, time wastage can be prevented as the client can be given an idea about the clothes through the mood board. Time and money would have been wasted if one had to make one garment after another to please the client. So the role of mood board in this case is undeniable.

5. Currently, local and foreign bands publish their own mood board designed clothes on various social media before any festival and later they increase the number of their clothes according to the popularity. Hence it plays an important role in fashion designing.

6. Mood board is considered as an expression of fashion because a designer can express his own mood design in a beautiful way. It shows how the clothes will look in the future so that the client is easily attracted and orders more clothes. As a result, clothing companies benefit financially. Which has an important impact on fashion designing.

7. A mood board gives a clear idea of ​​the color palette. As a result, apart from the design of the clothes, the client also gets a good idea about the color of the clothes. As a result, mood board is easy to understand which color will prevail in fashion, which plays an important role in fashion designing.

Apart from presenting any outfit beautifully, everything that attracts the customer can be presented in a stunning way through the mood board. Everything is presented here only through pictures without any text. Attractive colors and designs of clothes easily gain popularity. So the role of mood board in fashion designing is many. Fashion industries depend on it. Besides, both money and time are saved through this, so it is impossible to imagine the fashion industry without the publication of clothing designs on mood boards.



Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
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